The NJOC Board strives to provide services, contracts and programs that increase the value of membership.

NJSOM has established a group buying organization (NJOC) to assist its members, promoting savings in office supplies, medical waste and most specifically, drugs associated with the business of oncology.

NJOC is a separate entity which negotiates contracts with suppliers to achieve the maximum value for member practices. Contracts are currently in force with attractive pricing as well as support services for oncology pharmaceuticals.

The NJOC Board is always seeking innovative ways to be of service to our members and welcomes ideas for new opportunities. Pooling the buying power of our members has enabled NJOC to negotiate favorable aggressive pricing.

Oncology Supply has been NJOC’s preferred primary vendor since 2002. The Board contacted several vendors in the beginning of 2015 regarding RFPs. Bids were received and after extensive analysis and negotiation, OS has once again been chosen as the primary vendor beginning at the end of the present contract.

Additionally, as of May 2011, a secondary vendor agreement is in place with Innovatix for drug purchases through Curascript Specialty Distribution. This contract continues through April 2016.

Please refer to our brochure for a list of vendors and services.
If you are interested in enrolling your practice in becoming an NJOC member or have any questions related to NJOC, please feel free to contact Karen Cocca, President for more information.

Who can join NJOC?

All NJSOM practices as well as other community based, independently owned oncology practices throughout New Jersey and other neighboring states can be an NJOC member. To join, just call or email the NJOC office at 800-470-3150 and an application will be sent to you for completion – there are no fees associated with becoming an NJOC member.

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